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Product - specification of the concrete tile

The MinorLit tile

Material: manufactured concrete by a special compound and by special technique.

Surface: reebolith-processed surface

Weight: approx. 40,5 kg / m ² at normal gauge ( approx . 2cm)

Standard colours: white, light grey, steel grey, black

The MinorLit tile is concreted softly and heat conducting. The surface is uniformly, closed and aesthetic. With the add-on of calcined flint/granite a special desired shade effect appears.

The MinorLit tile is frost resistant, highly hard-wearing and has an excellent bending strength of 8,1 N/mm².

The MinorLit products are a very suitable choice for floors, walls and facades. The concrete-tiles are the right choice to achieve a massive and high grade appearance. This is guaranteed by the materials texture, the quality of the surface and the different deliverable dimensions.

The MinorLit tile is because of its hard-wearing surface and environmental attributes perfectly suitable in areas with heavy person traffic, for example public areas, receptions, hallways, exhibition buildings and fairs.

The MinorLit tile offers good thermal attributes -it stores the heat, for example the energy of the sun. Therefore it also is an excellent choice for apartments, recreational houses, winter gardens and terraces.

The MinorLit tile is produced in different sizes and strength, deliverable with a planar surface, a surface for slip hazard areas and further special surfaces. Optional the Minor-Lit products are available in special colours, and this is a relevant extension in possibilities of designs.

Especially to mention as completion for over-all concepts, MinorLit produces special elements like steps of the same high quality and material to make a homogeneous effect possible.

MinorLit concrete tile examples.
MinorLit tactile paving
MinorLit tactile paving concept.
MinorLit stair
MinorLit step and riser.
MinorLit raised floor
MinorLit as raised floor.